Heat and cold integrated RO water dispenser TN-RO116
72.00 - 87.00
more healthy effluent, new ABS
shell, glass panel, no
vaporization, no cut-off, smooth
water flow , with heating
function, or can be customized
with the cooled water function.
1: streamlined appearance
design more space saving;
2: compulsory flushing
technology, to ensure the pure
3: all closed pipeline safe and
reliable ,anti drying &leakage;
4. food grade built-in water tank
of 8 liters;
5. Dry burning prevention;
6. anticreep;
7.Refuse repeated boiled water;
8. with child locks
10. Can do Cold Water
(Electronic cooling) + Warm
Water + Hot Water.
Produce Size :580*200*420mm;
Carton si
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Coming soon